About Nephele Tempest

A life-long reader and writer, I work as a literary agent and head up the Los Angeles office of The Knight Agency. Originally an east-coaster, I enjoy being able to go without a coat in January and not having to dig my car out of the snow, but I’ll always be a New Yorker at heart.

You can find me on Twitter, where I talk about books and publishing and much more; and on Tumblr, where I mostly put up shiny things that make me happy.

Regarding The Knight Agency:

Unless you have been corresponding with an agent who has asked you to do differently, you should send any and all queries to The Knight Agency by e-mail to: submissions [at] knightagency [dot] net. We do not accept snail mail submissions, so please do not waste good postage mailing us things. They will end up in the circular file.

Queries should include a brief description of your full-length book (no short stories or novellas) and any pertinent information about yourself, as well as contact info. We do not represent poetry or screenplays.

I am presently seeking works in the following genres: up-market commercial fiction; women’s fiction; fantasy; single-title romance including paranormal, suspense, historical, and contemporary romance; historical fiction; and young adult and middle grade fiction.


13 thoughts on “About Nephele Tempest”

  1. Hi Nephele, not entierly sure if its your thing, but I’ve nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award. Details are here: http://ileandrayoung.com/2012/08/14/illuminating/

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It’s been quite helpful with my writing. Looking forward to reading more from you!

    • Thank you so much! What a lovely thing to do. And I’m so happy you find the blog helpful. It’s great to hear.

  3. Hello Nephele,

    Do you accept coming of age books for submissions?

    • “Coming of age books” isn’t a specific genre. I accept submissions of all the genres noted above, so if you’ve written something that has a coming-of-age theme and falls into one of the genres I represent, definitely feel free to submit it.

  4. Hello Nephele,
    I was wondering if you had a specific word count range that you prefer, specifically for fantasy/paranormal YA?

    • This has nothing to do with my preferences, but with industry standards. Young adult fantasy tends to fall in the 70,000-to-90,000 words range. If you’re aiming for the younger end of the YA spectrum, it can be a touch shorter; if you’ve got intricate world building along with a complex plot, it can be a touch longer.

  5. Nephele, my name is Nikki Volle from The Masters Review and I just wanted to say thank you for including us in a Friday post back in the fall. I was reviewing some contest submissions and some excellent entries mentioned that they found out about us from you. That was unsolicited, and very much appreciated.

    Please shoot us an email if we can help you in any way. Thank you again for your support!


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